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Car Accident Insurance Questions You Should Prepare to Answer Accident Attorneys Florida

Don't move too quickly, especially if your car was moving in a fast speed. They may also be asked about their location when the accident occurred

It may be an unorthodox question, but you must consider the possibility that the witness may have been distracted , and could not having a clear view of what they believed. If you are going on an errand that you're thinking about what you need to accomplish and the items you should do to prepare. Attorneys can assert that the witness wasn't focused when they observed the accident happen. It could weaken the case.

Does Anyone Know the Persons involved in the accident?

Authorities will inquire about these questions of drivers who were involved in the crash and any witnesses. There could be conflicts of interest, but this isn't always the case. It does not mean that any witness is biased due to the fact that they know the other. It's just something that the judges and authorities be able to consider.

Was one or the other drivers texting, speeding or swerving?

Distracted driving is the cause of many collisions. Statistics show that one in four accidents is caused because the driver was distracted by their cellphones, music people, of the other activities happening in the car. People who are witnesses may be aware of this when they observe the scene. Driving distracted, medical emergencies as well as driving under the influence can be demonstrated through the vehicle not at a safe speed or slowing down. Witness statements can be very important for authorities in determining the reason behind an accident.

Making Witness Statements to the Police

It is a great way to prepare a case to go to trial if a witness will be willing to testify before the police. It can also be helpful should the insurance companies begin negotiations. While some witnesses may be open to giving a statement however they are not always ready or willing to give evidence before a judge. This is why it's crucial to have their written statement as well as contact information as soon as is possible.