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7 Types of Roofing Materials You Can Choose for Your Home Concordia Research

e. They do, however have to be maintained regularly. They are more vulnerable to fire and insect damage, as well as that they may rot. They are more resistant to insects damage once they are covered with sealants. Wood roofs are easy to install and similar with asphalt shingles in that in that. The size of wood roofs is smaller than asphalt, and thus easier to set up. As far as roofing repair is concerned, it's simple to repair damaged shingles or shakes. The wood being replaced will most likely be different from the original wood as it may change in color with time. Wood is an insulator that's natural and assists in keeping the home cooler during summer and warmer in the winter. Also, you will see less energy expenses. As the majority of roofing materials originate from trees this is an environmentally friendly solution. 4. Ceramic tile

The tile roof is one the top options for your roof. Additionally, it's durable as well as costly. The roofs of tile are large and heavy, and they are not designed to be used on all kinds of homes. The roofing can last up to 100 years. In the early days of tiles, they were constructed from clay fired, terracotta or slate. Today, they are more commonly made from concrete, which is molded and tinted. The tile roofing material is available in various shapes, including an interlocking design, as well as curved, fluted, or flat. For areas with hot temperatures and salty air, roofing contractors for residential areas can be a great choice.

The tile roof is perfect for those areas that do not receive a lot of rainfall over a long time. It's hard to fix a roof leak on the tile roof. Tiles are ideal for swiftly removing huge amounts of water from the roof. The tiles are a great option if your residence can withstand its load. A tile roof installation requires an expert because they have to be measured precisely and laid out in a particular design. It is crucial that a tile roof doe