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Legal Careers to Pursue With a General Law Degree Law Terminology

ess. They conduct research, analysis and recommendations to lawmakers and their staff. Their work affects both local and state governments' public policy, budgeting, and program evaluation. They assist lawmakers in planning meetings and support them in hearings. In most cases, they function as liaisons between legislators and outside groups. They can also serve as point people for constituents with questions about the legislation. Political Affairs Officer

Students seeking to leave the classroom and build relationships with the other levels of government will enjoy working as political affairs officers. They can gain invaluable experience by working with the federal, state as well as local authorities in the constant change in the political landscape. Based on the environment in which they operate they work with their governments and give advice their counterparts. Additionally, they obtain information via media monitoring and analysis of policies that are changing in the countries they reside in.

Policy Analyst

An analyst in policy works in the fields of transportation, finance health and defense. Their role is to research issues as well as analyzing the data and suggesting solutions that can help improve or create new policies and law. Based on their findings they suggest changes to current policies and programs to their employers.


It will take several years of take a course in law as well as other related topics in order to obtain a general law degree. Lawyers may choose to focus in a variety of legal fields, including civil rights law, criminal defense, and bankruptcy law. They can also specialize in the law of real estate, law on contracts and labor law as well as employment laws. law on family, law on Constitutional law, law concerning family law, law laws regarding children, law regarding families and corporate law, law regarding corporations, law-related subjects including law and lawyers, law enforcement, law laws and law for seniors and law that relates with human rights the law generally, law pertaining specifically to the law of contracts. Lawyers are often employed in an organization or firm in which they represent their clients before the courts.