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How to Prepare For an Outdoor Wedding – The Buy Me Blog

You must ensure that they are entertained to ensure that they will enjoy the ceremony and reception. In the end, there's just so many occasions it is possible to tell the same story. For example, you'll need an appropriate music selection that will entertain your guests at the reception. DJs will play your favourite songs, creating various dance choices. This will make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone. It is also possible to hire some musicians to perform live for your reception or even in the ceremony. A live band is fun because they're able to perform music requests, and even add their own style to various songs. They do, however, require a larger sum of money than a DJ and you should be prepared to deal with that possibility. It is important to consider taking advantage of the outdoors setting by playing exciting outdoor games. Horseshoes are also a great option and corn hole outside. It is also possible to rent a bounce room or an equivalent play area for children for them to be entertained and keep them from potential conflict. Additionally, include a ball and a soccer ball to make space where the people with more energy are able to have fun. But be aware that the games might end up being violent and may cause tension. Make sure to stress that sporting activities are enjoyable and shouldn't be taken too serious. It can help alleviate any negative feelings that may result in sports where there is competition. Make sure your food is safe from insects Pest infestations can create serious problems for outdoor ceremonies. It is important that your guests have a delicious, healthy meal, without pest invasions. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your food's security and keep your guests happy: Set up insect nets. Put several nets in front of the area around you.